Awakening = Lightness = Gratitude

I knew my husband was a keeper when he came over my house for dinner and I had all the windows wide open with the residual burnt aroma of dried sage.Letting off it's final remnants in the corner of my kitchen, I told him I was "cleansing" my home. I could see in his eyes when he didn't look at me strangely or laugh that he understood. I was cleansing my home, myself, and everything I absorb within my daily travels.


I truly believe in spiritual consciousness and the continuous desire to release negative energy and evolve into my TRUE self and not become a product of my environment. To look at myself subjectively, judgement free, and have the strength to say ok this feels terrible and I need help. It can be heavy at times, frustrating, and unbearable. For sure in cases such as these, ignorance can be blissful, but I needed to grow and evolve. To understand myself and exist in the form for my greatest good in light and love.

I was recommended to an incredible abstract healer and a reiki specialist about 6 years ago and continue to consult with them to this day (not all in these fields are created equal for sure. These women are born gifted.) I can't explain how they transformed my life. It was an indescribable pure feeling. A release that took place within the deepest parts of myself. 


The only comparison I could think of is the story of "The Little Prince"... yes I know it's a children's story, but it resonated with me. When my husband and I were dating he was astonished I never read the book as a child. Out of curiosity I read I it at 28 years old. It changed my life. If you don't know the story it's basically about a little boy traveling amongst planets interacting with adults. One man consumed with money and greed. Another conceited and powered by his ego. Another functioning as king and his abilities to grant whatever he wished. This little prince was baffled by these strange aliens he had stumbled upon. He vowed to never become like them. To never allow his environment to change who he is inside. To not become engulfed with the mundane importances of these particular adults.  It was such an inspiration for me.   

Now, having a son of my own I see how simple his world is. How he is amazed and enchanted by how the texture of grass feel bellow his feet. How the rolling clouds in the sky move.  The rich smells of flowers blooming in the spring. These joys are priceless, pure, and can get lost as responsibilities increase and life becomes complex. Our surroundings  have the power to influence and teach us judgment, anger, and how to hate. How to conform and what "normal" is. 

When I met my husband he opened my eyes to what happiness really means and with the gift of our son now every day I become the student absorbing value and quality of life through his eyes. He inspires me to be the most genuine and exposed self I can be moment to moment. To embrace ALL my emotions and not see them as signs of weakness or loss of control. True perspective.



It was my spirituality, my visualization, and self determination to become again that carefree little girl inside that had hidden beneath the cracks of my soul.

Now when I "cleanse" our home from negative energies, my husband has the windows already open ready to go. 

Life is not perfect and it's not meant to be. I can assure you there is nothing more gratifying and peaceful than being genuine to yourself. No person or thing can bring you the fulfillment that you can bring to you. 

What gifts do we want to bring to our children and the future generations to come?

What do we hope they will learn and hold within them throughout their lives?  

I want to inspire my son the way he inspires me.  I want to give back those gifts of gratitude for every breath of health, smiles, and tranquility that my family brings to me.

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