We have entered an era of amazingly unique and personal transformations in the beauty industry. This dynamic environment begins with an innate awareness of ourselves and a clarity around the effects of what we are absorbing into our bodies.

Following our origins as a species, we entered this world utilizing our resources effectively and sustainably. Somewhere along the line in history, humanity lost our connection with nature and the powerful ancient elements that were surrounding us. Expanded awareness of science has proven how compatible we are with nature.  The real question we should be asking is WHY did we lose touch with our natural environment?

The sad truth is we found cheaper, more convenient and synthetic ways to fulfill our needs. Years later we have come to realize that these dependancies and chemical desensitization are the key factors linking to many illnesses, physical and mental. The medical fact is that when toxic and chemical based products are applied onto the skin, they are directly absorbed into the bloodstream.

Awareness means resisting the struggle against the things you may dislike about your physical self. Instead, allow yourself to discover a deeper understanding of your individual genetic composition and both the external and intrinsic needs of your body. This physical awareness also changes in response to atmospheric conditions. When exploring ayruvedic health, it is essential to incorporate specific treatments and ingredients to assist the body in discovering balance, especially when exposed to extreme environmental factors.


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