Discovering your gifts: "The purpose of life is to find your gifts, and the meaning of life is to give them away." - Pablo Picasso

My true journey began at 19. I was an artist like so many others. Struggling to channel my hobbies and passions into an emotionally fulfilling career, I entered a university to fine tune my love for painting.

A year into my college experience I was involved in a tragic car accident. In that moment I remember praying "I have so much I would like to give, I'm not yet ready to leave this world." 7 blood transfusions, 10 surgeries, and 2 years of physical and emotional struggles later I slowly began to discover myself and what my purpose was.  
My perspective of life and what was important began to change and I found it hard connecting to my peers. I felt alone, but my will was strong.  

I began simultaneously discovering new avenues of creativity in the beauty industry. I was thriving on this limitless trade and finding joy in the positive responses of my clients, many in which will always hold a special place in my heart.  

Empowering other women to embrace their unique beauty fueled me on such a profound level. I didn't feel like I was just a hairstylist. My mind was so open to experiencing and understanding what beauty was through their eyes. I hadn't realized it then, but I was developing and strengthening the art of listening and empathizing. 

My husband came into my life at the perfect moment and our lives together gradually became one. We had planted a seed at that time, with dreams and visions to create and nurture a business as an entrepreneurial family.  
I understood with him what a life partner was. We support one another free of judgments, we love hard, and challenge one another every day to reach new heights.  Empowering and inspiring one another came naturally to us and after becoming pregnant, I began my maternal evolution. What was the message and role I want to project to my children?

Elyse Marie Botanicals was born and the rest is history.


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