Facial Cupping: an ancient ritual.

Say goodbye to modern technology and let's go back to the basics. Ever wonder why some Botanical ingredients and methods of healing have existed for thousands of years? I believe the answer is simple... because they work.


About 7 years ago a colleague of mine, born in Korea, came into work with these strange suction objects I have never seen before. She had placed them on her back suctioned directly on to certain areas of her skin throughout that day. She had explained that in her culture "cupping" was frequently preformed to assist the body in removing excess toxins, lymphatic drainage, and relieving symptoms of pain or injury. I was curious so I gave it a try.  

She applied 2 on my back where I had knots built up... clearly stress related. The initial pressure was strange, but when the cups were released I felt extreme lightness almost like after a long massage. To say the least I slept amazing that night and my energy level had heightened.

I'm always very in tuned with my body, mainly because I am so sensitive to what I eat and my environment. In order to continue on my path of wellness I had to remain diligent and focused... for sure this extra boost of new energy helped. 

Within the last year American culture began embracing "facial cupping" and as soon as I heard about it I was already on board.

Ok so what are the benefits for the face?  



The encouragement of releasing toxins and lymph drainage is always a plus in any situation because it allows the skin to maintain a healthy glow. Facial cupping also tones and sculpts the skin, helping to diminish fine lines, improve circulation, and promote healthy collagen production. As we age the process of cell turnover within the skin begins to slow down, causing sagging and wrinkles. For me aging is a beautiful gift of life, but who wouldn't want to do it gracefully?

The best part about this treatment is that it can be done within the comfort of your home. Recommended 2-3 times per week for only a few minutes per session, I have found it simple to incorporate it into my night time ritual.

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