Let’s talk Energy.

When you think of natural skin and haircare, energy is probably the furthest thought from your mind.

It wasn’t until we started Elyse Marie Botanicals that I realized how powerful ENERGY really is. It’s the core explanation to why we continuously search for the highest quality ingredients, but what does quality really symbolize?



Understanding the origins, qualities, characteristics, and correct extraction processes (raw, USDA certified organic, cold pressed, unrefined) are just the beginning stages for us.  

Not to say those concepts are not extremely important, but what we realized was that from a handful of different distributors sourcing all the same ingredients with all the same formats were all completely different!! Many of which, did not match our level of standards we want to provide to our consumers.

It’s like when you walk down the produce aisle at your local market and come across a number of different brands for spinach.  You understand this plant because it is a common vegetable. Examining more closely you may notice distinct differences, like discoloration in the leaves or different fragrances.  Most likely you will choose the bunch most vibrant in color and freshness because you know it will provide the most potent source of vitamin enriched nutrients... this is energy!!! Next level enlightenment and natural laws of attraction telling your body, this will nurture my body at the highest level. It goes beyond the surface of living just a natural lifestyle.

A common ingredient we specifically source throughout our brand is a carrier oil extracted directly from the seed of apricots.  Why is this ingredient so special?



Apricots contain the fundamental elements for rejuvenation!  Enriched with high levels of amino acids as well as 40 trace minerals like magnesium and selenium in their most bioactive forms. High counts of enzymes and coenzymes that protect DNA what is not to love! This energy enriched ingredient has been sourced at the highest quality standard and combined beautifully with only active ingredients that provide pure radiance with every application.

Energize and enhance your natural beauty with the most exquisitely formulated moisturizer and illuminate your face!! 

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