My interpretation of Wellness is a commitment we make to ourselves.

A dedication in mind, body, and soul to consistently achieve ones individual health based on our own unique blueprints. Judgement free.

The reward?  Beauty, vitality, clarity, and strength that radiates through the skin. Our largest organ. Our physical impression, and the vessel in which each and every one of us calls home. It doesn't matter what color you are or your perception of beauty. Your financial state. Where you live or how big your house is. Unrealistic, and edited imagery for how we are supposed to look is becoming a thing of the past.  

For the mind my role models are women who empower and permeate love and acceptance. Women who have paved the path and sacrificed themselves for all female entrepenures to embrace what makes them special and speak a voice that actually gets heard.

For the body my focus is based on the art of listening. I don't push myself beyond pain when I work out. I don't eat until I explode. In our house cooking is a passion and so therapeutic. It is a way for me to physically nurture my family and express my love and gratitude to them.

For the soul I quiet the mind. I meditate when I have a moment of peace. I ask for help from my guides when I am struggling through a difficult period. I spend time in nature because the earth has a healing capacity that always leaves me light hearted. I sing and listen to music that taps into my creative self. I paint and write for self expression and release from past burdens so that I can live every moment to the best of my ability.

That varies as everything else in life, but I make it a point never to reach for perfection or judge myself in my failures. Rather to accept and let go of all I cannot change.

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