N°39 Reveal Face

Ingredients: moroccan lava (rhassoul) clay, oryza sativa (rice) flour*, sabdariffa (hibiscus) powder*, bacillus ferment (probiotic)**.


** vegan

Directions: For cleansing, wet face with warm water and apply about a dime size to skin in a circular motion. When using as a masque add water, hydrosol,  essential oils, or carrier oils for desired consistency and allow masque to dry before removing. Follow with facial mist and moisturizer. 

2 oz - 56 g

N°39 Reveal Face

Hibiscus Face Polish - Vegan Probiotic

$ 40.00

Consciously formulated to build and strengthen the immunity within the skin. Continuing to support our belief and the awareness to treat the skin as the vulnerable organ that it is. We have delicately sourced powerful vegan probiotics, finely ground hibiscus, and brightening qualities found within brown rice powder, while promoting cell rejuvenation. This facial polish increases skin hydration, elasticity, and overall tone. Completely fragrance free and beneficial for all, this versatile mask or cleanser reduces the appearance of fine lines, roughness, pore size, acne, and redness. It remains to be the total package for uplifting the skin and spirit.

Cruelty Free - Chemical Free - Plant & Mineral Based

100% Active





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Reviewed by Donna on
I use this product as a deep cleanser once or twice weekly and as a masque with wonderful results.
Reviewed by Diane on
My 16-year-old daughter has struggled with monthly breakouts for the past year or two. She has tried several prescription options provided by our dermatologist but nothing prevented the breakouts completely and she often found her skin red as a result of the medicine. I purchased the ElyseMarie Botanicals No 39 Masque and Dry Cleanser and the No.37 Facial Moisturizing Oil.
She stopped using all of her medicine and just focused on cleaning and balancing her skin by doing the mask 3 times a week and using the oil each night. Last month was the first time in years that she has not had a major breakout and overall her skin looks fresher and less red than ever. She is completely committed to this simple routine because it works!!! Thank you ElyseMarie Botanicals for giving her a safe, natural and effective option for more beautiful skin. It will help her create a routine that will benefit her in the years to come. Amazing!
Reviewed by Michele on
I am a Black woman fighting with hyperpigmentation (melisma). I have tried so many products, dermatologist and harsh peels. Now that I see most of that stuff is only temporary, very limited and has skin damaging results, I decided to give natural products a try. I eat clean, organic and natural...why not treat my skin the same. First I have to say that I have just started using this product and WOW! I am blow away by the feel and look of my skin. My skin is soft, feels amazingly clean and looks great. I am going to add a few more products to my regimen and let you know how it goes. Kudos! Great product and thank you from Melasma suffers and women of color.
Reviewed by Alice Christina on
I absolutely love this product - it tightens & brightens the skin - after cleansing I use it as a masque 2 to 3 times a week & then apply the Refresh Face Mist & Moisturizer - I use all Elyse Marie products & my skin looks healthy & simply glows - You cannot ask for anything more
Reviewed by Kathleen on
I have been using Elyse Marie skin care products for over 2 years now and love the results! Recently I have experienced extreme redness on my eyebrows and forehead. I applied "Reveal Face"as a mask and had great results the very first time. The redness was noticeably better and my skin felt soft and looked vibrant. And that was with the first application! I will now add " Reveal Face" 2 to 3 times a week to my facial regimen. Thank you Elyse for great skin care products that are all natural.
Reviewed by Natasha on
I have never had better results from any other mask I've used. My skin is soft and radiant every time! I love adding a little Buttermilk to the mix for a more luxurious effect - Amazing, amazing, amazing!

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