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Elyse Marie Botanicals has applied experience, dedication and passion to redefine, strengthen and transform the evolution of modern skin and haircare.

This plant and mineral based evolution is intertwined with our loving values as individuals and a family and our respect for our vessels. As a brand, we feel it is our destiny to add our unique interpretation of what we believe the skin and hair need. 

Elyse Marie was fascinated with art and nature from an early age and inherited this curiosity from her environmentalist father and mother in the holistic medical field. As an adult, Elyse Marie spent 10 years as a cosmetologist in New Jersey, building a diverse foundation of knowledge and experience. 

When she became pregnant and her body’s sensitivity and protective maternal instincts were heightened, her chemical-based surroundings became unbearable. This sparked her vision to create a healthy and educational beauty care environment using all natural resources. 

Rodrigo was surrounded by natural resources dating back to ancient Rome during his upbringing in Italy. He later became an entrepreneur, running his own renewable energy company for almost 10 years. He has a deep understanding of the elements and fundamental skills required to organize and run a successful business.

Elyse Marie and Rodrigo joined forces with the perfect balance of passion and knowledge to build the foundation of a pure and honest product line. They only focus on simple and natural ingredients including organic oils, herbs, minerals and emollients. This brand incorporates a simple philosophy to enlighten the mind, body and soul.

Elyse Marie Botanicals is a beautiful combination of pure art and science.


Our imprint
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