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2004 was a pivotal moment for Elyse. After an intense car accident she was left with a choice, either to grasp the remains of her adolescence out of fear, or make it her mission to move forward in light and love.

The months that followed, she encountered countless experimental surgeries, over 60 hours under anesthesia, a series of 7 blood transfusions, fighting infection, rehabilitation, and a blood clot that nearly cost her arm. Through her adjustments to what was now life, one of the most alarming transgressions was her detoxification process. Her doctors had advised it would take YEARS to remove all traces of anesthesia and opioids from her cellular memory. WHAT??? At the time she thought surviving this would be the difficult part. Keeping a pulse. It was only the beginning.

“For me facing death wasn’t only about discovering my will to live, the emphasis became to enhance the QUALITY of my life on all levels of health and wellness. My old identity had transformed on that cliff, and the tree that pierced and mangled my arm was the same force that securely suspended the vehicle I was trapped within, ironically my greatest gift!”

Artists are visionaries, and as a creator Elyse began her career transforming the lives she touched aesthetically as a cosmetologist. Her unexpectedly profound interactions had left her with a powerfully positive energetic vibration. Jolting her belief system that the true measure of her success was in fact un-measurable! While in her chair, together, their individual beauty discovery morphed into confidence and contentment. This was the primal moments in Elyse’s embrace of her own authentic discovery and how to share them with every life she touched. Outside the spectrum, incorporating wellness was simply a natural progression.

She met her husband and they had instantaneous chemistry and desire to do great things with their lives. From that moment on with Rodrigo by her side they built an empire of love in gratitude to the family they created and the impressions they visualized leaving in their memory. Their goal is always to intertwine their individual strengths, while revolutionizing natural skin and hair-care with positive and active chemistry. They are consistently evolving and experiencing the industry from every angle.

“This brand is a combination of the imprints and passions of our lives! I grew up amongst the forest with parents both in environmental and integrative medicinal fields. Rodrigo was raised in Italy with strong heritage surrounded by a minimalistic approach focusing on quality of life, which shaped his entire belief system. He finished business school as an organized leader and embarked on a decade long entrepreneurial venture in Renewable Energy.

The rest is history!”


Our imprint
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