What is the deal with Face-mapping?

Originating from the ancient Chinese practices of "face-reading" and Ayurveda, face-mapping is a method that uses the face as an indicator of a person's healthy, personality, and fortune.

The method used today is designed to clearly analyze how skin problems on the face are related to internal complications.  

Because the skin is the body's largest organ, it makes sense to assume that problems related to inflammation, acne, and irritation could come from within.

So how does it work exactly?

The face is divided into different sections and connect to different parts of the body.  For example; skin problems on the chin and jaw can be directly related to hormones and reproductive organs, while the forehead is connected to the digestive and respiratory systems.

Experiencing a strange breakout, but confident that your skincare is natural and effective?  It may just be worth referencing the face map and looking internally!

On a more profound level many skin conditions are directly related to genetic predispositions.  It's important to understand your family's health history both internally and externally to better prepare and understand the root of any issues that may occur.

Let's not forget about environmental exposure.  Depending on where you live and work can greatly effect the health of your skin as well.  Of course if you live in a city setting it's beyond important to create a consistent shield of protection for the skin from harsh pollutants and toxins that easily and invisibly absorb into the skin.  

The most important piece of advice I have is to never to get discouraged in your search to resolve complex skin conditions.  We are all on separate journeys of exploration and knowledge. I believe, with a positive and open mind, it can be a continued life long journey of discovering effective individual solutions.

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