What's the deal with Turmeric?

Turmeric as we know it has traditionally been a major component of Indian cooking and herbal medicine. More recently turmeric has become the new "it" health spice worldwide. You see it in food, skincare, and as a beverage (golden milk anyone?), but what's really so great about it and why should we be consuming more?


According to Dr. Axe there have been 6,235 peer-reviewed articles published thus far, touting the health benefits of turmeric and its super-healing compound curcumin. Curcumin is a polyphenol that can regulate inflammation, blood sugar levels, blood fat levels, and other health elements in the body.

According to these articles, cumulatively Turmeric can act as an anti-inflammatory, anti-depressant, cancer treatment, anti-coagulant, painkiller, diabetes remedy, arthritis reliever, gut healer, cholesterol balancer, and much more!

Now that we've covered its overall healing powers, let's discuss its beauty benefits. Turmeric is also anti-bacterial, anti-aging, and an antioxidant making it great for treating various skin conditions. It stimulates new cell growth, improves skin elasticity, lightens pigmentation, and treats oily skin and acne. Did you know turmeric can also help slow the growth of facial hair, control dandruff, and prevent hair loss? Wow!



So here's the big question: how should we use it? If you have the powder form you can incorporate it into cooking such as adding some to rice, soups, or sautéed greens, but there are so many great options out there! You can also make a turmeric tea or give golden milk a try! Turmeric can also be found in supplement and elixir form. 



For beauty, turmeric is available in topical creams and serums, but you can also create your own turmeric face and hair masks, incorporate it into face washes/scrubs and so much more. We know its hard to believe but we've only covered the basics concerning its magical powers!

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