Winter Mantra: Ritual for the mind, body, and soul.

When we think about the health of our bodies, we must be mindful of what that really means.

If you are like me you may experience changes within yourself both physically and emotionally as the seasons change. We are made up of the same energies of all that lives around us, so if we can put that into perspective we can understand on a more profound level what’s really happening when the climates change.


It’s always a magical experience for me to observe nature on the east coast as the cooler seasons approach. How the trees begin to transform and instinctually prepare themselves for the winter months. Conserving energy to survive and then thriving beautifully when the crisp solid earth begins to soften again into spring.

This fall I had become enlightened by this act of adaptation and so I decided to incorporate it into my daily life.

If you know me or my family personally you know we live a simple life. We focus less on the pressures that surround us in the media. The subliminal messages of what they tell us success and happiness are, and what we are “supposed” to be or be doing. Instead we focus on what feels right for us.

Sharing my experience will show you just how simple of a transition this has been and can be for you as well.



Physically in terms of exercise I have began to take a more minimalistic approach in focusing on the art of stretch.

I’ve been told by multiple people to incorporate more gentle workout routines into my day. Stretch, yoga, to keep a more meditative body during months when the joints and muscles could use more TLC. It was hard for me at first because for so many years I felt fueled from the intense strain and sweat I got from running. I have to say time wise I am able to seamlessly transition into this routine while my son naps, in between clients, or those extra 5 minutes I give myself in the morning to prepare for my day. This exploratory method of exercise has also allowed my mental body to move more melodically, stay focused and organized. Strange how a small effortless change can effect so many aspects of the body and mind! We all need to remind ourselves to hit the slow down button and allow periods of rest.

How did I begin?

With the luxury of having an unlimited amount of information at our finger tips, I took advantage of that by just beginning with you tube videos. Meditation and other exercises that involve relaxing the mind and elongating the body.



I’m a runner by nature so I was at first skeptical of the “results” this new form of exercise would provide. But what does that really mean. I quickly realized that my mental clarity, core strength, and patience has increased dramatically.... and let’s be realistic as humans who doesn’t need constant work in these areas?

Then cam the “time” factor, which we all seem to have none of. Every day varied for me in terms of how much time I could dedicate. Som days I had 5 minutes , some days 15 or 30... or 0 hahahahaha. The point was my only expectation for this aspect of my transformation was that I made an honest effort to incorporate this into my day.  Period. 

In terms of food I focused on quality instead of quantity. For my family this is a part of the nutritional standards we live by, so it was easy. Not to say we don’t indulge every once in a while. Balance, balance, balance.

I began by focusing on hydration ( 90 oz of water with lemon a day). Finishing at dinner time. Incorporating Ayurvedic foods like ginger, turmeric, cinnamon, nutmeg, and honey etc. and not eating past 730 pm. This is of course what feels right for me. We all have individual blueprints with individual needs. The key is when your body craves certain things or rejects others, ask yourself why.... and never stop asking yourself how this can be improved. 



How we eat is transparent, it is a reflection of who we are as people and the atmosphere of wellness we chose to provide for our family. At the end of the day it’s always a conscious choice.

In our home on a physical level we balance the “things” we consume with a minimalistic and clean approach. If the physical items we have do not serve us in a positive way, or are no longer needed, we give them away simple as that. Our home is our sanctuary, where we spend our quality time, where we are inspired, and where we grow as a unit. An abundance of physical things that don't serve us ultimately have the power to drain our energy just as quickly as any other form of stress or worry in our lives.

The key is ALWAYS no matter how old or wise, or knowledgeable we become, understand there is room to evolve. There is room to change our opinion, there is room to experience what life has to offer, there is room ... always room to judge less and open our minds more.

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